About Us

It’s about customer service

Ouse Valley Bait supplies fishing tackle shops and wholesalers throughout Europe. Our business began more than 40 years ago and our business has maintained its growth success through our pre-occupation with customer service and quality of product. We always put you, our customer, first and key to that is good communication, top quality bait and prompt delivery. Many of our customers have been with us for over 40 years and 25 years is the average. The simple reason for this is that we don’t let you down, which means you won’t let your customers down!

Constantly improving our bait

We have just completed a two year project of expansion and modernisation which will enable us to produce even more of our top quality maggots in a more efficient way. This investment in quality and process improvement has allowed us to be even more competitive with our pricing. Tackle shop owners and wholesalers like you are always looking for better maggots, better service and better delivery and that is exactly what we achieve.


Ouse Valley Bait first began in 1968 – a partnership between Arthur Dawkes, a well known fisherman with an idea and Peter Cox, a farmer with land and financial backing. It wasn’t long before Arthur gained a reputation for breeding the biggest maggots around and subsequently ran Ouse Valley Bait successfully until his death in 1996.

The day to day running of the company then became the responsibility of Simon Grant who had already worked both on the maggot farm and the agricultural side of the business for eleven years. Ownership was passed to Peter Cox and his son Martin who became a director following Arthur's death. Seven years later, Peter Cox also sadly passed away and today Ouse Valley Bait is owned by his son Martin Cox and continues to be run on a day to day basis by Simon Grant, on the Cox family's 1000 acre farm in Cambridgeshire.

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