Quality maggots

We understand that you and your customers demand the highest quality bait. That is why we invest much time, money and energy into ensuring that is exactly what you get. We put our 40 years of experience to good use, working to ensure that our maggots contain the highest levels of nutrition and natural attractants. This requires us to ensure that they are fed on the very best food, often consisting of up to 50% fish, which due to the very size of our maggot farm makes us the largest user of fish in the business.

Fish is a very expensive food stock as it is in high demand by the fish meal industry, but we know that it really does produce the best maggots. Maggots fed this way are of consistent quality, very high in proteins and we believe irresistible to fish. Compare this approach with some of the maggots produced by some of our competitors. Most maggot farms use very little fish and some none at all. Across Europe quality can vary dramatically because maggots are only as good as the effort and investment that goes into them.

Maggots are still the most popular bait used by fishermen and imagine for a moment you are a fish (not as easy as it sounds) which would you prefer? Artificial bait with artificial flavourings or a natural moving bait packed full of natural goodness.

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